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I am a 14
year old from Nassau, Bahamas. My favourite things to are is dance and modeling and I like to learn new, fun, and interesting things. Don't be afraid to follow me!! :)

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Annoying Girlfriend <3

One r/s like this

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The best three seconds of Beyonces entire visual album.

R.I.P. <3
xoxo A&S

Q: If you want a girl who is "herself" let me tell you about myself. I don't play "hard to get" I don't fucking shave 24/7 I don't wear skirts and high socks I also don't sing. I don't have dimples I'm not competitive I don't style my hair different ways, I wear as much fucking makeup as I want I'M NOT ENTERTAINING BECAUSE I WASN'T PUT ON THIS EARTH TO ENTERTAIN YOU, I don't cook and I sure as hell would never in a million years be a STAY AT HOME WIFE WHAT IS THIS THE FUCKING 50'S


I’m sure you’re beautiful without makeup, the stay at home wife one was a would you rather question… usually both options are ridiculous & by what i can tell you’re not a push over, you’re very opinionated and speak up which like i said, was attractive. I can cook so it doesn’t matter if you can’t? Secondly I can tell that just by this comment you’re super sassy but in a good sarcastic and funny way. which i really like (: have a good day gorgeous. sorry if the video offended you

haha I with her

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